CCTY Bearing | CVT Clutch Roller Assembly Set
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CVT Clutch Roller Assembly Set

CVT Clutch Spider Roller Assembly Set
CVT Clutch Spider Roller Assembly Set

Vehicle speed and acceleration are important to ATV/UTV and snowmobile manufacturers. After all, it’s one of the many thrills it offers end users. OEMs in these markets can now speed up their production with the Clutch Roller Set from CCTY Bearing.


Traditionally, the CVT clutch roller assembly is built using individual components – the hardened outer steel roller, self-lubricating bushing and hardened polished pin. The CCTY Clutch Roller integrates all parts into a packaged set. This step allows manufacturers to:


  • Save cost verses traditional multi-component sourcing and pricing
  • Reduce assembly time
  • Downsize supplier base
  • Lower parts inventory
  • Save on handling, assembly labor costs