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If you need a bearing expert to comment on an article or application, get in touch! We are always happy to answer bearing questions.
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Media Coverage

For press inquiries about bearing manufacturing or design, or to schedule an interview, contact Michelle Comer at (847) 540-8196.


2017 Press Coverage

CCTY Bearing’s U-Joint Promises Simplified Movement
Product Design & Development
Published: March 1

CCTY Bearing Company Starts Operations in India
Construction Business today
Published: July

2016 Press Coverage

CCTY Bearing Takes Bold Step, Posts Scorecards
Published: February 15



CCTY Bearing Releases Scorecards
Shoreline, FEMA Publication
Published: March 1


Simplified CVT Clutch Roller Assembly Set Now Available
PowerSports Business
Published: June 15


Now is the Time to Entertain New Suppliers
Shoreline, FEMA Publication
Published: August 30


CCTY Bearing Partners with Rockford Engineering Components
OEM Off Highway
Published: September 19


Hip to be Square: New U-joint “Square Ball” Design is Smoother
than it Sounds

Design World and Coupling Tips
Published: September 28


Design Engineering
Published: November 22