CCTY Bearing | On-site Axle Testing
Bearings, tie rods, custom bearings, ball joints, mast guides, side rollers, self-lubricating bushings, bushes,
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On-site Axle Testing

Long-term reliability, safety and performance can be predicted by rigorous testing. We maintain on-site testing facilities to test bearings used in axles in real-world applications. Our manufacturing facility uses cutting-edge measuring equipment such as Taylor Hobson, Talyrond and profile analysis machines. It’s just one of the ways we invest in our products – and customers.

Custom Axle Test Stand

Our custom designed axle stand allows CCTY Bearing to provide a 1:1 real life test. Having this unique capability in-house ensures that axle manufacturers receive reliable and high-performance products.

Additional On-Site Testing Capabilities

CCTY Bearing routinely runs the following bearing tests to ensure product quality.

High & Low Temperature 

This test verifies the high and low temperature requirements of materials or finish.

Coefficient of Friction

This test is available for proprietary materials (POM and PTFE fabrics).

Life Comparative

Side-by-side life testing that allows for real-time comparison testing.

Life & Lubrication

Ability to design testing machinery to simulate customer applications and compare products to establish quality benchmarks.

Dust Proof & Sealing

Dust proof and sealing requirements are verified within this test.


Rust requirements of surface treatments are vetted by using the salt-spray test.

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