CCTY Bearing | Plant
Bearings, tie rods, custom bearings, ball joints,
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A single, state-of-the art plant manufacturers all of CCTY Bearing’s award-wining products.


The 750,000 square foot facility, located in Zhenjiang, China, has the latest robotic technology, highest-grade raw materials and sophisticated durability testing.


A new manufacturing facility is scheduled to open in June of 2016 with even greater efficiency that will offer increased cost savings.


Quality Control

Quality Assurance –Strict technical requirements are applied to all incoming materials and all processes meet TS requirements.


Quality control is achieved by running a range of tests, including life tests that mimic actual applications; salt spray tests, dust proofing, and profile tests to ensure maximum reliability and precision.


Certifications – All of CCTY Bearing’s quality management systems are ISO and TS certified.


JIT Delivery – Global locations with warehousing capabilities provide OEMs delivery schedules that work with just-in-time inventory.

Building the Plant