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CCTY Bearing shares one of its "in the works" projects. This example is rust being generated on a bearing in a hinge assembly that prevents servicing. Read about the potential solution.
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Preventing Rust from Building on a Primary Pivot Ball Bearing

Preventing Rust from Building on a Primary Pivot Ball Bearing

What We're Working On by CCTY Bearing

The following is from CCTY Bearing’s “What We’re Working On” Blog Series.


Issue: Rust generated on a bearing in a hinge assembly prevents servicing.

The bearing and housing sits within an air-conditioning unit above a door. Condensation from the AC leaks into the bearing and the cup that holds it. Rust generated overtime fuses the shaft and the cup, which prevents servicing of any part within the assembly.

Repair workers are forced to cut an expensive shaft in order to conduct any maintenance. The OEM needed a cost effective solution that is RoHS compliant.

Potential Solution: From CCTY Bearing’s work in the hydraulic cylinders and material handling industry, we know that stainless bearings have excellent corrosion resistance, but can be expensive. An alternative is phosphate plating, which is effective in preventing rust, RoHS compliant and relatively inexpensive.

Phosphate generally lasts 72 hours in a salt spray test. CCTY added a surface treatment that increased resistance to nearly 230 hours. The customer conducted their salt-spray test on an existing part supplied as a sample. Their test results confirmed initial expectations.

Status: Samples have been ordered for client testing.

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Photo Credit: Lakishyk

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