Bushing Line Expanded: Y-Max
Bearings, tie rods, custom bearings, ball joints, mast guides, side rollers, self-lubricating bushings, bushes,
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Bushing Line Expanded: Y-Max

CCTY is developing innovative bearing solutions that do not mimic traditional bearings or materials. This next generation high-performance bushings or bushes can be applied to a wide-range of industrial applications.

Y-Max Total Solutions:

  • Eliminate Secondary Lubricants
  • Increase Application Life
  • Improve Design or System Efficiency
  • Replace Legacy Bearings
  • Reduce Size / Weight
  • Consolidate Complex Assemblies
  • Eliminate Oxidation Corrosion
  • Reduce Noise & Vibration
  • Improve Performance Service Range

Key Benefits:

  • Low Friction and High Wear Resistance
    Provides smooth operation, lowering coefficients of friction, eliminates the need for lubrication, reduces wear and extends service life.
  • Maintenance-free
    Self-lubricating bearings ideal for applications that require long bearing life without continuous maintenance or operating conditions with inadequate lubrication.
  • Optimized Value
    Reduce shaft costs by eliminating the need for hardening and machining grease paths. A compact, one-piece or consolidated construction provides space and weight savings while simplifying assembly.
  • Environmental
    New lead-free material architectures that comply with stringent environmental regulations such as the RoHS directive, restricting the use of hazardous substances in industrial equipment and machinery.

CCTY Bearing provides outstanding wear and friction performance over a broad range of load, speed and temperature conditions. Self-lubricating benefits include managing wear resistance, reducing friction, resisting chemicals, oxidation, cavitation, flow erosion and fatigue.

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