CCTY Bearing | Meet the Bearing Experts
Have a question about bearings? Give us a call. We have 20 years of consulting OEMs on bearing selection and bearing design.
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Sales Team

CCTY Bearing has skilled sales professionals in each branch location. Contact us today to learn more about CCTY Bearing and how we can solve your design challenge.


Sallen Zhou

Sallen Zhou

North America

Evan Poulakidas

Dave Olson, CCTY Bearing, Formerly CCVI Bearing Company

Dave Olson

John Sweetwood, Ag Bearing Sales

John Sweetwood

Nik Poulakidas, CCTY Bearing Sales

Nik Poulakidas

Dali Wang, CCTY Bearing Engineer

Dali Wang

Corey Helgeson, Bearing Engineer

Corey Helgeson


Peter Stoyanoff

Uwe Kiesel

Marco Musoni


Koji Takatsu

Jun Sugawa

Koji Shibue


Mitul Dave CCTY Bearing SPB Expert

Mitul Dave

Sanjay Tomar

Gopal Joshi

Akshay Gautam

Darpan Patel

Gopinathan D.